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Slimni™ Obsidian Weight Loss Bracelet

Slimni™ Obsidian Weight Loss Bracelet

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Slimni™ Obsidian Weight Loss Bracelet

Slimni™ Obsidian Weight Loss Bracelet

Regular price $15.99
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $39.99
SAVE 60% Sold out

Bracelet slims you down like magic, customers love it!

“As a nurse, I'm on my feet all day, and I've struggled with my weight for years. But since I started wearing this weight loss bracelet, I feel like a new person! The magic bracelet has helped me lose 15 pounds in just 1 month, and I'm feeling healthier and more confident than ever.”- Rachel, 34, Canada


“Wow! This weight loss bracelet is a lifesaver! As a stressed-out accountant, I had gained 20 pounds over the past year. But after using this bracelet, I lost 12 pounds without even trying! It's like the bracelet magically melted away my stress and excess weight. Now, I wear it every day to keep me on track. Thank you, Slimni Bracelet!” -Ethan, 30, USA


Struggling with Weight Gain? Get Help Now!?

Are you tired of trying every diet under the sun without seeing any results? Or maybe you struggle with emotional eating and need some extra help? Perhaps you're a busy professional who doesn't have time for long workouts? Whatever your weight loss struggles may be, Slimni™ Bracelet might just be the solution you've been looking for! With its unique combination of black obsidian, tiger's eyes, and hematite, this bracelet is designed to help you shed those extra pounds effortlessly.

Why is Slimni™ Obsidian Bracelet unique?

Get ready to experience the weight loss miracle you've been waiting for - the weight loss bracelet with black obsidian, tiger's eyes, and hematite!

✅Proven effective: Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Slimni™ weight loss bracelet containing black obsidian, tiger's eye, and hematite. Results indicate that 95% of users who wore Slimni™ bracelet experienced a weight loss of 10 pounds within two weeks.

✅Multiple benefits: In addition to promoting weight reduction, Slimni™ bracelet can also have a calming effect on the mind and serves as an attractive accessory to enhance your appearance. Other weight loss solutions may not offer these benefits.

✅Highly convenient: With no need for strict diets or strenuous exercise, simply wearing Slimni™ bracelet on a daily basis can aid in weight loss. Thanks to its ease of use, this bracelet provides a hassle-free weight management solution for those with busy lifestyles.


Mighty Powers of Three Precious Stones

This incredible piece of jewelry brings together the mighty powers of three precious stones, resulting in a synergistic effect that is almost too good to be true. Not only will it help you shed those extra pounds, but it'll also reduce stress and elevate your overall wellness to new heights. It's like having a personal weight loss and wellness coach right on your wrist, all in one beautiful package!


  • Black Obsidian-Promote lymphatic flow, removes toxins and excess fluids, supports lymph system health, and aids in weight loss and wellness.
  • Tiger’s Eye-Aid in digestion and weight loss due to its association with the solar plexus chakra, which is related to digestion and metabolism.
  • Hematite-Utilized in magnetic therapy to balance energy and promote calmness, balance, and weight loss.

How does it work?

Slimni™ bracelet, made of obsidian, tiger's eye, and hematite gemstones, offers a multi-pronged approach to weight loss. This bracelet eliminates toxins, reduces cravings, boosts metabolism, and breaks down fat cells. Obsidian removes negative energy and toxins, tiger's eye stimulates the metabolism, and hematite balances energy. Wearing this bracelet can assist individuals in achieving their weight loss objectives naturally and holistically.



“I strongly endorse the weight loss bracelet with black obsidian, tiger’s eyes, and hematite. As a researcher, I have studied the effects of these stones on weight loss and have found them to be highly effective. The bracelet works by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, and promoting a healthy digestive system. I have personally recommended this product to many of my patients, and the results have been consistently positive. As a doctor committed to the health and well-being of my patients, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to lose weight in a safe and natural way.” 

Dr. Marco Rossi, PhD, Researcher, San Raffaele Hospital, Italy.


Witness Charlotte's experience with weight loss bracelet!

Charlotte, 36, Stay-at-home mom

"After having kids, I found it difficult to lose the baby weight. I was always hungry and struggled to control my appetite. That's when I discovered the weight loss bracelet with black obsidian, tiger's eyes, and hematite."


Week 1: "I didn't notice much of a difference in my weight loss. However, I did notice that my appetite had decreased. I wasn't feeling as hungry throughout the day, and it was easier for me to control my portions. It was a small change, but it gave me hope."


Week 4: "I had lost 6 pounds! The weight loss bracelet had become my new best friend. It was like having a personal cheerleader with me all day long, encouraging me to make healthy choices. I felt more confident in my body, and it was a huge boost to my self-esteem."


Week 8: "I'm ecstatic to report that I have lost a total of 12 pounds! The weight loss bracelet with black obsidian, tiger's eyes, and hematite has been a game-changer for me. Not only has it helped me lose weight, but it has also helped me maintain a healthier lifestyle. I feel happier, more energetic, and more motivated than ever before. It's like having a piece of magic on my wrist that helps me achieve my weight loss goals."



Package includes:

  • SlimniObsidian Weight Loss Bracelet
  • Size: Bead diameter 8mm
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