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【Limited Inventory, Time-limited Offer】Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen

【Limited Inventory, Time-limited Offer】Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen

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【Limited Inventory, Time-limited Offer】Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen

【Limited Inventory, Time-limited Offer】Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen

Regular price $12.99
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $29.99
SAVE 56% Sold out

Say goodbye to yellow teeth with our whitening pen!

"As a busy mom and coffee lover, my teeth were looking dull and stained. But after just 2 days of using the pen, my smile is sparkling like diamonds! It's like my teeth have been reborn, and now I'm confident to take on any challenge! Thank you, Purel™ pen!" - Ava, 31

"As a model, my smile is everything. But after years of wearing braces and drinking red wine, my teeth were looking yellow and uneven. But after just one day of using pen, my teeth are brighter and whiter than ever before! It's like my teeth have been photoshopped in real life!" - Chloe, 28


Are you tired of hiding your smile because of yellow teeth?

Do you struggle with dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, or tooth loss? Would you like to leave a lasting impression at your next special occasion, job interview, or date night?

Look no further than the Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen! A few minutes of use per day can brighten your smile and leave everyone dazzled.

Why Choose Purel Tooth Whitening Pen?

Effective whitening ingredients -Our tooth whitening pen stands out for its dual-action whitening formula, using both sodium phytate and xylitol to effectively remove surface stains and break down stubborn, deep-set stains in the enamel.

Clinical studies have shown that our dual-action formula is up to 50% more effective than single-ingredient formulas in whitening teeth.

Enamel-Safe Formula - While some tooth whitening products can damage enamel and cause tooth sensitivity, our product features an enamel-safe formula that is gentle yet effective. Our formula is pH-balanced and contains ingredients that promote healthy teeth and gums, such as fluoride and xylitol.



Long-Lasting Results -Our tooth whitening pen provides long-lasting results, unlike other products with only temporary whitening effects. It contains stain-preventing ingredients, ensuring your teeth stay whiter for up to 6 months after use.



The Principle of Purel Tooth Whitening Pen


“This tooth whitening pen is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a safe and effective way to brighten their teeth. The ingredients used in this product have been clinically tested and proven to provide effective whitening results without causing sensitivity or other dental problems. Patients can trust in the high-quality formulation and easy application process.” -Dr. Hans Schmidt, Oral Surgeon, Berlin University Hospital, Germany.


his miraculous tooth whitening pen saved Amelia's smile!

Amelia, 26, Receptionist

I loves coffee, but hates how they stain my teeth. I was always conscious of my yellowed smile and never felt confident in photos or social situations. But then I discovered Purel pen!

Using this pen is so easy - I just brush on the gel and within a few days, my teeth are several shades whiter! Now, I can enjoy my coffee without worrying about the stains. I feel so much more confident in my smile, and I've even had friends ask me what I've been doing to make my teeth look so bright. It's amazing how such a simple product can make such a big difference in my life.

Package includes:

1*Purel™ Tooth Whitening Pen

Net Content: 5ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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